MWC Media is a television production company founded in 2006.

MWC specialises in lifestyle programming and in providing fully funded series to television networks in Australia and New Zealand.

With offices in both Australia and New Zealand, MWC maintains firm relationships with key decision makers, with partners, stakeholders, TV Networks and program sponsors.

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CALIFORNIA by DESIGN | California by Design: Innovations is a television show that shines a spotlight on Californian innovation, ingenuity and design excellence. Across six half-hour episodes, California by Design: Innovations features 35 of California’s most incredible, game changing innovations. A judging deliberation will result in one or more innovations being chosen from each episode to go through to the sixth and final episode that will count down the top ten game changing innovations for the year. One project will be selected by our panel of judges as California’s top design of the year.

Premieres April 5 2020 on FOX

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AUSTRALIA by DESIGN | There is no other television program in Australia like Network Ten’s AUSTRALIA by DESIGN. The program aims to bring beauty and creativity into the hearts and minds of Australians as we explore the impact of good design on our lives. Each series serves as an important ‘document’ in the recording of Australian design excellence. Over 26 episodes, we lift the hood on Australian architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and the richest examples of Australian design ingenuity and innovation. Watch episodes »

SMOKEBALL | Conceived in Australia, Smokeball is intuitive cloud conveyancing and legal software taking the world by storm. It takes traditional practice management tools to another level with features focused exclusively on productivity. This powerful campaign, shot in Los Angeles and featuring Hollywood’s most famous television lawyer, Calista Flockhart, is all about reach. Getting in front of small law firms and helping them run successful businesses so that they can better serve our communities.  

TASTE OF A TRAVELLER | New Zealand is a well-travelled nation of people keen to share, experience and taste the flavours of the world. Hosted by New Zealand’s first ever primetime Masterchef winner Brett McGregor, this 10 part series (now in its third series) explores new and exciting territories that are rarely seen on New Zealand TV such as Kenya, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Fiji and many other exotic locations from around the globe. Based on Brett’s book, also called Taste of a Traveller, each episode, sees Brett exploring new flavours, while engaging and learning from colourful local masters.

VET TALES | Mark and Stacey are long time friends having gone through vet school together 20 years ago. Like all close friends, they have a lot of dirt on each other and a healthy respect for each other as well. Mark and Stacey’s veterinarian clinics are a world apart, Mark is a country vet, Stacey is a big city vet, over the course of 10 episodes we follow our two heroes and their teams as they face real-life dramas and the bond between people and their companions. Separately and together they face unpredictable challenges, sometimes successfully, sometimes heart breaking. Vet Tales uncovers unique and inspiring stories of how animals affect lives, as experienced through our two loveable veterinarian rogues – Mark and Stacey.

LOVE SHACK | a six episode, commercial half hour TV series following the experiences of one of the favourite couples from The Block, Bec and George and their new baby, Archie, as they take on the challenge of renovating a humble 1970’s shack on a beach front property in Tasmania. This is not a ‘slap and tickle’ TV renovation. LOVE SHACK is a genuine quality new build and renovation followed over three months, covering the real challenges and dramas. When it comes to renovating, Bec and George are ‘match fit’ and it’s going to take all their skills and experience to maximize this opportunity. The dynamic couple are determined to make this build their best yet!



Mike is the Director of MWC and has over 30 years experience in the television industry in Australia and New Zealand. He has a long history of creating programming for a variety of markets from regional Australia, Metro Australia and New Zealand. Some of Mike’s many credits include being series producer and/or executive producer on Big Brother (series 1 – TEN), Getaway (NINE/TVNZ), Holiday (TVNZ), Wish You Were Here (TV3), Australia’s Most Amazing Homes (NINE) and Undercover Angels (SEVEN). Mike manages a production team from his Melbourne office.


Tony is a media veteran with over 35 years experience in business development, creative direction, production, finance and management. A specialist of cross media marketing and project management, his fields of expertise includes an indepth understanding of radio, the recording industry, television, print, magazine and digital. Tony manages MWC Media’s partnerships.


Una is MWC’s Head of Production and oversees the smooth running of the show between the production office in Melbourne and the set. Una applies her vast experience and people management skills to co-ordinate the complex logistics of filming a television series. She is the “go to” person for scheduling film crew, cast, suppliers and stakeholders that are involved in the production.


For all enquiries please contact:


Mike Chapman
T: +61 438 533 304
E: mike@mwcmedia.com.au